Suure, herramienta online para proteger tus presupuestos en campañas digitales

After 10 years of experience, we’re certain about one thing: human errors are the main cause of losses in digital campaigns meaning that between direct and indirect costs, losses can reach up to 150,000€ in a single campaign.

For this reason, SUURE was born, a software that acts autonomously as a firewall between the worker and the channel, minimizing the risk of error.

Suure monitors estimated costs and actual costs, and due to its automated alarm system, alerts you of any irregularity in order to minimize losses. Easy to implement in any channel, easy to use, easy to amortize.

Currently, the tool is developed to monitor campaigns on today’s main social networks:


How does it work?

It’s very simple and as easy as running the campaign as per usual in your usual browser. When Suure is implemented, it automatically detects the error and activates its alert system.


Our Suure platform is compatible with all major digital advertising platforms. In addition, we are constantly developing more integrations, with the objective that with time, Suure will be how you manage the risk of all your digital marketing activity.

Suure sincroniza con todos los canales

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Why Suure?

Suure is easy to manage, is configurable and is able to filter by account, channel and campaign. It automatically generates expense reports and automatically alerts you if something goes wrong.

Suure, fácil, seguro, suure!

Suure does not change your workflow

It can be easily implemented on any platform and within any system.

It does not constrain employees

The system works unseen in the background and adapts to unique occasions and campaigns.

Avoids a large number of costs

From the cost of highly qualified personnel to budget analysis, as well as possible loss of image and legal costs.

The software easily pays for itself

A single detected error could justify its cost for several years.

Our experience is our guarantee

Thousands of campaigns and hundreds of millions of euros safely invested over 10 years.

Suure, fácil, seguro, suure!

Who are we?

The technology is already revolutionary in its own right; now let us make it simple for you.

After years of working with digital marketing campaigns, we realized: lack of usability is the most widespread problem when working with technology. The most advanced technology is sometimes not the easiest to use, and when it comes to money, this means only one thing: losses. Of course, here we asked ourselves the question: can we make it even simpler, more convenient, more useful? The answer: Suure

We got to work, and took all our years, months, days, hours, and minutes of experience and channeled them towards a single idea: to save you minutes, hours, days, months, and years with a software solution that works autonomously.

Arthur C. Clarke once said:

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    Suure tu filtro de seguridad para tus campañas digitales

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    We look after your investments, so getting started with the tool is completely free. We only receive a small percentage once you start running your campaigns, that way, we make sure you don’t have to worry about it.

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    Get access to Suure’s complete platform, connect your advertising platforms and experience the convenience of automatic alerts for potential budget errors, as well as the ability to automatically pause campaigns before you suffer a financial loss.


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    Get access to the full Suure platform, connect your ad platforms and experience the convenience of automatic alerts for potential budget errors, as well as the ability to automatically pause campaigns before a financial hole can be created.